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How to Make the Most of Storage when Building

When you're building your brand new home, chances are you'll need a place you can trust to store your belongings - especially if you're renting a small place, or living with the in-laws!

Professional, secure storage is the best way to keep your belongings safe while you’re focusing on getting your dream home built. However, there’s no avoiding the fact that storage is an additional cost! We've teamed up with Kent Storage to provide you with some top tips for helping you make the most out of storage while you're building your very own home.

Find a Quality Provider

Make sure you ask the right questions when undertaking your research. You need to consider price, volume capabilities, and availability of extra services such as packing and removals.

Opt for Flexibility

Home builds are subject to all sorts of variables. It’s hard to predict an accurate finish date, so be sure to find a provider that offers flexible booking dates.

Pack Properly

Packing for storage requires preparation and time. Never wait until the last moment to start packing your belongings. Invest in high quality moving boxes and packing materials. Wrap fragile items individually, and never overfill your boxes. Read these additional storage packing tips to make sure you pack like a pro.

Make the Most of the Space Itself

Fill every inch of available space by using plywood sheets to create stable layers between your boxes, and always pack right to the roof.

Employ these simple tips and you’ll find the incredible advantage of storage during your home build. And if you're not currently building, we can help get you into your own home with only $3000* deposit! Call us on 131 751 to find out more, and let us help you into your own home in 2017.