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How to keep your social life, your smashed avo and save for a home

For many of us, the prospect of saving up for something big and important, like a home loan deposit, can be a little daunting, especially if you fancy yourself a social butterfly and don’t want to miss out on seeing your friends while you save

But there are plenty of ways you can do both! Sure there'll be nights on the couch, but embrace them! And here's a few ideas that won't dip in to your savings.

1. Get to know the specials in your local area.

Most pubs and many restaurants and cafés will have specials nights particularly at the start of the week - so head out for Cheap Tuesday, and save your cash on the weekends.


How many of your mates are saving for something? Holidays? Or maybe they want to get into the property market too. So why not organise brunch at home!

Smashed avocado might be $22 at a cafe, but at home - purchase a $2 loaf of Multigrain bread, a couple of ripe avo’s and fresh eggs from your local growers markets, and there you have an affordable smashed avo  on toast with poached eggs, in your own home!

Besides, toast tastes so much better in your own kitchen!

2. We should probably talk about the daily coffee habit.

That one seriously adds up.. 1 x $4 café latte x 5 days a week x 50 weeks a year = $1000 that could have gone to your house deposit!

3. Take your gym outdoors

Take a walk, run or kick a ball around at a local park or lake. Not only is it free, you’ll get the benefit of all those endorphins.

As the weather warms up - take a trip to the free beach for a game of cricket (picnic lunches are great money savers too!). Everyone can bring their own food too instead of spending lots of cash on going out. (And another tip there is for everyone to bring enough food for just one person to minimise wastage).

4. Volunteer your time for a local charity or club

It costs nothing and helps you save for your home loan deposit, if you’re passionate about a particular cause.

You’ll get to meet other like-minded people and you’ll feel good about helping others too.


Need a little help saving?

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