Chloe and Adam, Brabham

Chloe and Adam, Brabham


Adam Mason and his fiancé Chloe Harris became professional house-sitters for nine months to help them save a deposit for their first home, which they moved into last year.

The couple also lived with Chloe’s parents to save money and enlisted the support of Homebuyers Centre to help keep their savings plan on track.

Mr Mason said the $10,000 First Home Owner Grant helped enormously towards the house and land package they chose through Homebuyers Centre.

“We could not have made it all happen without the grant,” Mr Mason said.

Mr Mason, a 30-year-old logistics/freight manager, and Ms Harris, a 26-year-old business development manager, built a Homebuyers Centre design called the Edison on a 250sqm block in Stockland’s Whiteman Edge estate in Brabham.

The Edison is a three-bedroom, two-bathroom design with an alfresco, double garage and spacious open-plan kitchen and living area.

“We didn’t want an established house. We wanted something new and just for us,” Mr Mason said. “And for our budget we couldn’t find a house comparable to the Homebuyers Centre house we built.

“We also chose to deal with Homebuyers Centre because they were so helpful. We really felt they were supporting us and giving us the advice we needed.

“We knew where we were with everyone we dealt with, from the sales consultant to the maintenance team. Everyone was upfront and honest with us. There was never any hidden agenda, and we liked the way they stuck with us and encouraged us while we were saving for our deposit.”

Mr Mason and Ms Harris moved into their new home a year ago and enjoy living in Whiteman Edge, minutes from the Swan Valley.

"We wanted something new and just for us. And for our budget we couldn’t find a house comparable to the Homebuyers Centre house we built," Adam said.