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Get into your own home sooner.

Need help saving for your deposit? Your Finance Coach can help you with this process and will even ensure you receive incentives along the way!

This makes me very happy. Tell me more about My Home Plan.

Simply put, it’s a savings program. But it’s not any old savings program, the My Home Plan program is tailored to your income and spending. And don’t worry, we know you value your lifestyle, so your Finance Coach will do their best to make minimal changes for maximum impact. It’s time to get into your very own home, you dream chaser you.

So, what are the benefits?

  • Tailor-made budget – A plan to get the finance you need, without making big sacrifices to your lifestyle.
  • Get into your home sooner -  Your Finance Coach gives you an achievable timeframe to save the money you need for finance approval.
  • Finance help – Your Finance Coach will actively guide and encourage you, every step of the way.
  • Best chance of approval – All you have to do is achieve your My Plan Goals.
  • Best locations and designs – Your new borrowing capacity means you’ll get access to the best we have on offer.
  • Managing your money becomes easy - My Home Plan will help you learn how to manage your money for the future.

I love the benefits. But how does it work?

  1. Your Finance Coach will evaluate your current financial situation and goals.
  2. You’ll get your personal finance plan.
  3. You can update and track your progress on our website.
  4. You’ll get incentives for reaching your goals (free inclusions for your home).
  5. Your plan to get into your own dream home becomes a reality.


You will be rewarded along the way when certain savings milestones are reached.

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What our customers have to say

Amy building in Piara Waters

"The My Home Plan program was extremely helpful, especially being a first home buyer. Maddison and the team were fantastic, with helpful advice and ongoing support allowing me to easily save to my deposit. All my questions and queries were answered promptly and this has made my experience stress-free. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone that needs a bit of help getting to their desired deposit. Rated 5/5"

Amy and Johnson building in Hilbert

"Even though we haven't completed ours yet, we are so confident that with your ongoing support and guidance we will get there. We've learnt so much about our finances, responsible spending and working towards our goals over the short time we've known you. My home plan has made us believe we can reach our goals when we never thought we could. We can’t thank you enough."

Shannon and Gemma building in Wellard

"The MHP helped Shannon & I stay on track with our savings goals. It was positive to see our progress on the MHP website, tracking our amazing rewards along the way. It really did make us determined to get where we wanted to be. We also could not be more thankful to Maddison, our finance coach. She was extremely friendly & positive each step of the way. We would highly recommend Maddison & the MHP."

Ida building in Alkimos

"It’s rare that you come across a stand-out person like Maddison these days. I have been fortunate to meet her and be coached by her. As a single mother who is going through separation and desperately wanting to get into my own home, I have searched and rang around but nobody was willing to see me as a person who can achieve any goal as equally as a partnered person. It is amazing that Maddison did not have this perception, and she is a genuinely caring person. Any question I have she is following up and gets back to me with answers or solutions straight away. She is willing to listen and find suitable solution to my particulars unlike other financial advisers who are just trying to fit people into their predetermined 'pigeon-hole' attitude. Her positive attitude and willingness to help, find answers and a best possible solution to any individual, treating people as a person, not a number makes her a great coach/motivator. I am happy that I came under her wing and know that I am in 'good hands' and will achieve my goal in no time thanks to Maddison!"

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