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Top tips for entertaining at your home this festive season!

Platters for sharing

1. Make sure you know your budget (and stick to it!)

It’s easier than you may think! We know the festive period can be an expensive time of year, but by working out your budget and all of your costs for the period in advance, it will help you not only be organised, but also to stress less!

Get out your calculator, write out your lists and be sure you take them with you, every time you head to the shops!

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2. Incorporate seasonal produce in your meals and entertaining

Fresh, seasonal produce (think cherries, stone fruit such as peaches, nectarines and plums – yum!) will not only taste good at your table – they will look good too!

Why not use your fresh produce as your table centrepiece! Simply put in a bowl on the table, add a few Christmas baubles or candy canes and there you have a yummy (and cheap) table centrepiece!

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3. Easy spreads – Choose platters for sharing

If you’re entertaining at yours, why not save time (and money) by inviting your guests to bring over a share platter of their choice? It’s a win-win really - you provide your home as the location of the entertainment, and your guest help you by contributing to the food. And who doesn’t love a share platter, really?!)

Platters for sharing
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4. Choose a style and stick to it

Whether you choose modern, traditional, rustic or even monochrome – choose the style for your decorations stick to it! And don’t forget to keep in mind your budget too!

Decorating tip:

For a simple style, add a little sparkle style to your dining room table by filling a glass vase or two with different size baubles in your theme colours of choice; or even hang some baubles around your house with a festive colour ribbon.

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Or why not head to our fave store Kmart and pick up this Metal Tree with Baubles for only $12 and use as your festive table centrepiece?!

5. And finally – Keep it simple!

Entertaining at your home should be fun! It should be all about sharing the experience (and good food and wine) with your family, friends and loved ones at your home, catching up on the year that’s past, having a drink and a meal with the people that matter the most.

Enjoy the festive Christmas and New Year period– it only happens once a year!