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The Coach's Top 10 Reasons Not To House Share

House sharing is a great way to save on rent, like sawing your feet off is a great way to save on shoes.
It’s not worth it people! And here’s why.

1.  Passive aggressive post-its

Image: Reddit

“Please buy your own milk” 
“These dishes will not wash themselves” 
“If you like my shampoo, why not buy a bottle rather than using mine every single day”
And the all-time classic: “Are these your hairs?”


2. Crazy housemates.

Image: Wordpress Blog

It doesn’t matter how carefully you choose your housemates, at some point you’re going to end up with a nutter.
The guy who counts his cornflakes every morning… the girl who watches you while you sleep... They’re out there.


3. Flaky housemates.

buffy the vampire slayer mean girls my life regina george beautiful lifeImage: Giphy

She’s a free spirit who lives by her own rules. Which basically means she won’t pay her share of the bills, tidy up after herself or wash anything. Including herself.
Phewee. Ditch her. Or him. And own your own flake-free home.


4. Me time.

stop talking not listening cover ears dont want to hear
Image: Giphy

There’s no such thing as ‘me time’ in a share house. Only ‘us time’.
Want to quietly read a book on a Sunday arvo? Your housemate doesn’t.
She wants to tell you all about her sister’s boyfriend’s best mate’s haircut. Again.


5. Mess.

Image: University of Waterloo

In the game of “I’ll wait until my housemate does the dishes” the only winners are the cockroaches.
So leave your housemates and the scuttling insects at the rental and get yourself into a bug and housemate-free zone: Your brand new home.


6. “You’re my friend. We should totally live together.”

Image: Unwritten

No. You totally should not. The best way to break a beautiful friendship is to house share.
That funny baby voice your friend does when she wants something will not be funny after 3 months. That’s a pwomise.


7. Singing in the shower.

dancing emma stone singing sing shower
Image: Giphy

Have you ever noticed how amazing you sound when you sing in the shower? It’s an illusion caused by the echo.
If you’re anything like the average Australian, you’re, well, average. So spare housemates the 7am torture and do it in your own home with an audience of 1: You.


8. Fridge Fairies.

food hungry fridge refrigerator jackpot
Image: Giphy

Fridge fairies are the creatures responsible for all your food ‘magically’ disappearing.
They cut chunks out of your cheese, drink your milk straight from the bottle and dig into your butter with toast-crumbed knives.
Well, it must be the fridge fairies because your housemates deny everything.


9. Sleep.

animated woman frustrated upset bed

Living with party people is fun. Until it’s not.
So if you’re sharing with Mr ‘Wednesday Night is Tequila and Wrestling Night’ it’s probably time to end your sleep deprivation and party on your own terms, in your beautiful new home.


10. Noise.

Image: Playbuzz

The great thing about house sharing is you get to listen to your housemates’ music for free – all day long. And sometimes even all night too.
You get to listen to their TV shows, their ‘shnooky-wookie’ conversations with the new girlfriend and their video games at (piew-piew-piew) 3.30 am.
How awesome is that? ...


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