Your new home is in good hands

We’re managed by extremely talented and experienced people in the building industry. They love that they help people achieve their dream of building the home they’ve always wanted. And will do anything to make sure the process feels like a dream too. We’re pretty lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people.

Meet the team

Greg Carter

General Manager aka Affordability Guru

Greg started his career in the building industry as an Architectural Draftsman in ‘75 and went on to become a registered builder in ‘87. He joined Homebuyers Centre as our general manager in ‘95 and played a pretty big role in the company’s growth and maturity. His true passion, or what he likes to call ‘calling’, is to always push designs so that they are as innovative and affordable as possible—without sacrificing quality. It’s the first home buyer’s dream.


Michelle Evans

Operations Manager aka Make Stuff Run Smoothly Manager

Mich started in the Telemarketing Department in ’99. She quickly moved her way up to Operations Manager and she’s loving it. Who knew someone could enjoy managing systems and processes as much? She aims high and shoots higher. You can see it in everything she produces like our Quality Assured procedures, admin, and Shire and Customer Support teams. What a gem.


Pete Robbins

Building Manager aka Building His Team Guy

Pete has been in the industry for more than 15 years. He started out in ’97 and joined our team in ’03 as a site manager—we’re so glad he did. After nine years he became our construction manager and two years after that, our building manager. This guy is a total team player. He doesn’t care for recognition; he just wants to see his team succeed. And in his mind, he’s succeeded already by “becoming a dad”. What a champ.


Jeremy O'Donoghue

Sales Development Manager aka Salesman Extraordinaire

He joined us in ’07 as a sales consultant. It quickly became apparent what an asset he was to us. He’s been one of the top three salesman since he’s started. He has this drive and energy about him. And, he genuinely loves meeting new people, helping people achieve their home ownership goals, and training our novice home and land specialists. He’s one in a million.


Kim Taylor

Service Manager aka Customer Service, Customer Service, Customer Service

As his title suggests, this guy is all about ensuring the customer is happy. That’s probably because he’s been in the building and construction industry for over 25 years. He started with us in ’03 and is an essential part of the team. He’s like a fine wine, he just keeps getting better and better over time. We’re lucky to have him.


Mike Wesolowski

Drafting Manager aka Born For This Role Kinda Guy

Mikey grew up in the building industry. As a little tot he spent a lot of time on site. So it’s not surprising that he ended up in the business. In ’99 he started as a trainee draftsperson, and soon became an important member of the drafting team. Then in ’11, he was promoted to drafting manager. He loves being hands-on and has a wealth of drafting knowledge and experience. His love for the industry and his life on site make him such a valuable person to have on our team. Go Mikey!

Meet the team

Michelle Evans

Michelle Evans

Operations Manager

Starting in the Telemarketing Department, Michelle joined Homebuyers Centre in 1999, before progressing to her current role as Operations Manager. She’s responsible for the management of our systems and processes, and aims to exceed all requirements of our Quality Assured procedures. She heads up the Administration, Shire and Customer Support Teams, encompassing the beginning, middle and end of the building process.

Pete Robbins

Pete Robbins

Building Manager

Pete Robbins has worked in the building industry for more than 15 years. Having started out in 1997, he qualified as a bricklayer in 2000, and joined Homebuyers Centre as a Building Site Manager in 2003. In 2012, after nine years of exemplary service, he became our Construction Manager and in late 2014 moved into the position of Building Manager. Pete is a devoted team player who is far more interested in seeing his team succeed than receiving individual recognition himself. True to form, despite a standout career, when asked to describe his greatest achievement, he answered simply: “Becoming a dad!”

Kim Taylor

Kim Taylor

Service Manager

Kim has been involved in the building & construction industry in different positions & different ABN companies over 25 years.

Commencing with Homebuyers Centre in 2003 as the Service Manager, he is an integral part of the team. Always passionate about providing the best customer service & quality construction for all Homebuyers Centre homes & customers.


Mike Wesolowski

Mike Wesolowski

Drafting Manager

Mike grew up in the building industry, spending a lot of time on site, from a very young age. So it’s not surprising he ended up in the industry himself. He joined Homebuyers Centre in 1999, as a trainee draftsperson, completed his Certificate 4 in residential drafting, then went on to become an important member of the drafting team. It was only a matter of time until he was promoted to the role of Drafting Manager in 2011. A very hands-on manager, Mike has a wealth of drafting knowledge and experience. This and his lifelong exposure to the building industry make him one of our most valuable assets.

Construction. Property. Finance.

Homebuyers Centre is proudly an Alcock Family Company.

The Alcock Family of Companies have built homes for West Australians for 30+ years under the leadership of our managing director and owner Dale Alcock.

Dale remains hands-on at the helm of daily operations and will always challenge what it means to build the best places to live, work and grow.

Over the last 30+ years we’ve build more than 65,000 homes across Western Australia and Victoria and have financed more than 27,000 homes.

We employ more than 1,400 people, engage more than 3,000 independent construction contractors and train more apprentices than any other builder in Australia.

A lot has changed since 1987 when we laid the first brick, but our love for building, our relentless commitment to qualify, our uncompromising commitment to leading through excellence, our sense of fun and our desire to give back to the community have remained the same.

We believe it is these qualities that have driven the Alcock Family of Companies to become the leader in the Australian residential building market.

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