Homeowners and investors 

Home to Home Loans

A Resolve Home to Home loan is a unique product that covers you when the timing of your new Homebuyers Centre home doesn’t coincide with the sale of your old one. Rather than taking out a second loan for the new home you simply stay where you are and use the equity in your existing loan to finance it instead. This lets you stay in your current home until your new home is finished.

A Home to Home loan has many benefits, including:

  • Live in your current home until building is complete
  • No hassles and costs of finding short term rental accommodation
  • No family upheaval
  • No dead rental outlay
  • Move only once instead of twice or three times
  • You have more time to sell your existing property
  • The ability to pay only one mortgage until your new home is built
  • This flexible home loan may just be the solution your family is looking for during your upgrade.

Construction Loans

Did you know that less than 8% of all home loans are construction finance loans? At Resolve Finance, our proud partners, over 80% of their home loans are construction, making them the specialists in the field!

But what is a Construction Loan? Construction Home Loans are very different from a standard home loan:

  • The key difference and benefit being that with a construction loan, you pay interest only on the land amount when you settle.
  • The repayments then increase in stages as your home is built (called Progress Stages) and the loan usually converts to principle and interest on completion.

The finance approval process for a construction home loan may be longer than for an established home, given the length of time it takes to gain title release on land and build a new home.

Resolve Finance are experts when it comes to the construction financing process. They will work closely with us to ensure that the whole process happens smoothly with no unnecessary holdups. 

Investment Loans

Property Investment may be a fantastic option for those looking to build long term wealth.

There are hundreds of thousands of property investors in Australia, and like you they’re only too aware of the benefits of an effective strategy.

So when you are building your investment property portfolio, it makes sense to have the team at Resolve Finance behind you every step of the way. We understand the importance of ensuring your loan is structured to maximise the property’s capital growth, rental income and gearing potential.

In order to do this, your Resolve Finance mortgage broker will consider:

  • Your investment strategy
  • Your gearing requirements
  • Your investment property choice
  • Your investment loan options
  • The ongoing costs of your investment
  • Your personal and financial situation

Not only this, but when aligning your investment strategy you will also benefit from the experience of our team in helping you with:

  • Financial Planning for your investment strategy
  • Settlement of your investment
  • Legal requirements relating to your investment

And because our team works so closely together, you will enjoy the benefits of a streamlined and efficient property investment journey and reap the rewards from our expertise.